“Tuesday is like a really long trailer for the rest of the week.”

“Tuesday: The day you realize that Monday is really over, but there are still four more days until the weekend.”

“On Tuesdays, we wear pink.”

“I like Tuesdays because they’re like the middle finger of the week.”

“If Mondays are the worst, then Tuesdays are the leftover pizza: not great, but still pretty good.”

“Tuesday is the day where you have to remind yourself that you’re still alive, even though it feels like you died a little on Monday.”

“Tuesday is the day I actually start caring about my life. The weekend is too far away to be lazy, and Monday is too close to be happy.”

“Tuesday is just another day for me to complain about how much I hate every other day of the week.”

“Tuesday: Not as bad as Monday, but still a long way from Friday.”

“On Tuesday, I have a love-hate relationship with tacos. I love them, but I hate that they’re not pizza.”

“Tuesday: A day for making new plans to ignore.”

“Tuesday is the day when I finally have my life together… until I remember it’s only Tuesday.”

“Tuesday: The day where I start drinking enough coffee to power a small country.” QUOTES ABOUT EVOLUTION

“On Tuesdays, I like to pretend that I’m productive, but really I’m just scrolling through social media.”

“Tuesday is like the awkward middle child of the week: it’s not as exciting as Monday or as close to the weekend as Thursday.”

“Tuesday: The day where you still feel guilty for everything you didn’t do on Monday.”

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade on Tuesday.”

“Tuesday: The day where I wear my comfy clothes to work and pretend I’m not falling apart.”

“Tuesday is like a dress rehearsal for the rest of the week.”

“On Tuesdays, I wear my sunglasses not because it’s sunny, but to hide from the world.”

“Tuesday is the day where I try to convince myself that I don’t need a nap.”

“Tuesday: A day for thinking about all the things you could have done on Monday.”

“Tuesday: A day for pretending that you’ll start exercising tomorrow.”

“Tuesday: A day for realizing that you should have just stayed in bed.”