“Sunday is the day we worship coffee.”

“It’s Sunday, let’s do nothing and blame it on Monday.”

“Sunday is the day to refuel your soul and be grateful for your blessings.”

“On Sundays, we wear our comfiest clothes and our laziest attitudes.”

“Sundays are like confetti, they remind us of the joy that can come from simply resting.”

“It’s Sunday, time to binge-watch my favorite show and ignore my responsibilities.”

“Sunday is the perfect day to be lazy and productive at the same time.”

“Lazy Sundays are the best Sundays.”

“Sunday is just a reminder that the weekend always ends too soon.” “Sunday mornings call for pancakes and pajamas.”

“Sunday Funday is just like regular Sunday, except you’re drinking. A lot.”

“Sunday is the day to do nothing and everything at the same time.”

“On Sunday mornings, I like to wake up and pretend I have nowhere to be.” DISTANCING MYSELF FROM EVERYONE QUOTES

“Sundays are the perfect day to procrastinate all of your problems.”

“Sunday is the perfect day to catch up on Netflix and ignore your adult responsibilities.”

“Sunday is the perfect day for a nap that turns into a full-blown hibernation.”

“Sunday is the day to recharge and prepare for next week’s procrastination.”

“Sunday is the day to celebrate surviving another week of adulting.”

“Sunday: the day you realize you didn’t do any of the things you promised yourself you would over the weekend.”

“Sundays are like tacos, they make everything better.”

“On Sunday, let’s be grateful for the things that didn’t suck this week.”

“Sunday is the day of rest, or in my case, the day of Netflix binges.”

“Sunday is a reminder that another week of adulting is coming.”

“Sundays are the chicken soup of days, they heal the soul.”