“I run because I really, really, really like food.”

“I only run when someone is chasing me or when there’s pizza at the finish line.”

“Run like you stole something…like a donut.”

“I run so I can eat cookies without feeling guilty.”

“Running is my therapy…except it’s cheaper and I don’t have to talk about my feelings.”

“I run because I love the feeling of accomplishment…and the thought of all the pizza I can eat afterwards.”

“Run like a cheetah…that just finished a burrito.”

“Balance is key…running a few miles and eating a whole pizza.”

“Why run when you can just order pizza online?”

“Running is a great way to clear your mind…while simultaneously coming up with new ideas for pizza toppings.”

“I run because it’s cheaper than therapy.”

“I don’t always run, but when I do, I prefer to be running away from my problems.”

“Never fear the distance, fear the pizza that’s waiting for you at the finish line.” ACCEPT THE REALITY QUOTES

“Running won’t kill you, but a lack of pizza definitely will.”

“I run so I can continue to indulge in my love for pizza and beer.”

“Run time is pizza time.”

“I run to stay healthy…and so I can eat more pizza guilt-free.”

“There’s no such thing as too many miles, only too few slices of pizza.”

“Running is a mental game…of trying to convince yourself that you can eat two pizzas instead of just one.”

“Life is short, running helps you enjoy it longer…so you can eat more pizza.”

“I run because I love the feeling of being alive…and also the feeling of eating pizza.”

“Running is like a box of chocolates…except you know exactly what you’re getting: a whole lot of pizza.”

“Running: because it’s too hard to eat pizza and watch TV at the same time.”

“When in doubt, run…towards the nearest pizza place.”