“My ex was like a headache, I took an aspirin and he went away.”

“I don’t have exes, just future cautionary tales.”

“I may be single, but at least I’m not with someone who’s a mistake I had to fix.”

“I told my ex to embrace his insecurities, he hugged me and didn’t let go.”

“My ex was like a Popsicle, colorful but too cold to touch.”

“I’m not saying my ex is a bad person, but even Satan had a change of heart.”

“My ex was like a yo-yo, I spent hours trying to figure out what they wanted.”

“Dating my ex was like trying to ride a dead horse, it wasn’t going anywhere.”

“My ex was like a traffic jam, nothing moved until I got out of there.” “I don’t miss my ex, just the memories of how foolish I once was.”

“My ex was like a broken pencil, pointless.”

“My ex was like a DVD that skipped, I was tired of watching the same old story.”

“I don’t believe in second chances, unless it’s with a fresh bag of chips.” JOKES QUOTES IN HINDI

“My ex was like a mosquito, annoying as hell but also hard to get rid of.”

“My ex was like a Facebook status, always changing and never consistent.”

“My ex was like a sale item, everyone wanted it until they realized it was damaged.”

“My ex was like a book, I read it once and never looked at it again.”

“I could give my ex a million dollars, but they still wouldn’t have a clue.”

“My ex was like a hot potato, I passed it around until it burned me.”

“I didn’t realize how much of a disaster my relationship was until I saw my ex on Maury.”

“My ex was like a bad dream, I woke up and realized it wasn’t real.”

“I don’t regret my ex, just the time I wasted on them.”

“My ex was like a piece of gum, flavorless after a few chews.”

“I broke up with my ex, and it was like taking off a tight shoe.”