“I’d like to thank my phone for always being there for me when nobody else is.”

“Being ignored is like being in time-out, but for adults.”

“I’m not saying I’m invisible, I’m just saying sometimes it feels like people are looking through me.”

“I used to think that the silent treatment was a punishment until I realized how much I love it.”

“Being ignored is like being a selfie stick in a group photo – you’re seen, but not acknowledged.”

“I can handle rejection, but being ignored is like a tiny ninja throwing a shuriken at your heart.”

“Being ignored sucks, but it’s better than being mistaken for a telemarketer.”

“The only thing worse than being ignored is being ignored by someone who owes you money.”

“Being ignored is like going to a crowded concert and being the only one not invited to the after-party.”

“Being ignored is like being a library book that nobody wants to check out.”

“I’m convinced that being ignored is just the universe’s way of telling you to focus on yourself for a change.”

“Being ignored is like a reverse magic trick – you’re there one minute, and then poof, you’re gone.”

“I wish I had a dollar for every time I was ignored. I’d have enough money to buy myself some friends.” DON T PLUCK FLOWERS QUOTES

“Being ignored is like a social experiment to see how much rejection you can handle before you snap.”

“If being ignored burned calories, I’d be skinny as hell by now.”

“Being ignored is like being left on read – you’re never quite sure if the conversation is over or not.”

“I’m not saying I’m petty, but being ignored makes me want to set fire to all of my ex’s belongings.”

“Being ignored is like being in a love triangle, except the other two people don’t know you exist.”

“I think being ignored should be an Olympic sport. I’d bring home the gold for sure.”

“Being ignored is like a bad haircut – you can’t fix it, but you can grow and move on.”

“I don’t mind being ignored as long as I have my Netflix subscription.”

“Being ignored is like a game of Marco Polo, except nobody’s yelling ‘Polo’ back.”

“Being ignored is like walking into a crowded room and realizing you’re wearing the wrong outfit.”

“I may be ignored, but at least I’m not the person who puts ketchup on their steak.”