“January, the month that comes after the holidays and screws up your new year’s resolutions.”

“January is the most depressing month of the year. I’d rather be on a beach in a bikini drinking a margarita.”

“I’m not really a January person. I prefer my months to have a little more warmth and a little less snow.”

“The problem with January is that by the time I learn to write the date correctly, it’s already February.”

“I don’t always survive January, but when I do, I celebrate with a bottle of wine and some Netflix.”

“January is the month when you say ‘I’m going to lose weight’ and your body says ‘Lol, good one’.”

“The only thing good about January is that it’s followed by February, which means we’re one month closer to summer.”

“January is like a Monday that lasts for an entire month.”

“January is named after the Roman god Janus, who had two faces. That seems appropriate, because I’m simultaneously excited for a fresh start and wanting to hibernate until spring.”

“January: when everyone is equal parts cold and cranky.”

“January is when all the gyms are packed, but the parking lots at fast food restaurants are empty.”

“January is like the trial month for the rest of the year. If I can make it through this, I can make it through anything.”

“January always feels like 74 days long, but then I blink and it’s June.” GOODBYE NOVEMBER HELLO DECEMBER QUOTES

“January: the month when the struggle to get out of bed is real, but giving up and calling in sick isn’t an option.”

“January is the perfect time to start over. Except for the fact that I’m still on holiday mode and don’t feel like doing anything productive.”

“January is like a practice month for New Year’s resolutions. It’s okay to mess up now, because you have 11 more months to get it right.”

“January is the month when I realize just how much I spent on Christmas and start eating ramen noodles for every meal.”

“January: the month when the winter blues hit their peak and all I want to do is watch sad movies and eat ice cream.”

“If you’re looking for me in January, I’ll be buried under a pile of blankets waiting for warm weather to return.”

“January is the month when everyone goes into hibernation mode and life becomes a never-ending cycle of work, sleep, and repeat.”

“January is like a Rubik’s cube. Just when you think you have it figured out, it throws a new challenge your way.”

“January is the month when I question why I ever decided to live in a place where the air hurts my face.”

“January is the month when I’m reminded of just how out of shape I am. Walking to the mailbox is a workout.”

“January: the month when my bank account looks like it’s been through a war and my motivation to do anything is at an all-time low.”