“I may have been late to the graduation ceremony, but at least I made it to the finish line.”

“Better late than never, right? I finally made it to graduation.”

“I’m fashionably late to my own graduation. It’s a new trend, don’t you know?”

“Why be on time when you can make a grand entrance?”

“I’ll admit it, I was almost too late for graduation. But I didn’t let procrastination get the best of me!”

“I wanted to make a dramatic entrance at graduation, so I arrived just in the nick of time.”

“I know I’m late to the party, but let’s not forget who’s the star of the show today – me!”

“I was running on CPT (Colored People’s Time) but I made it to graduation.”

“It’s not the final deadline, it’s just fashionable liberation.”

“I’d like to thank Google Maps for getting me here just in time for graduation.”

“I may be late, but I’m still here to claim my diploma.”

“I was never one to follow the rules, that’s why I showed up to graduation fashionably late.”

“I’m not late to graduation, I’m just on island time.” CRABS IN A BUCKET QUOTE

“Sorry I’m late, I was too busy making a grand entrance.”

“I was going to be on time for graduation, but then I got distracted by the snacks.”

“Late to my own graduation? That’s just one of the many skills I’ve learned in college.”

“I may have been a little late to my own graduation, but who’s counting?”

“I’m not late, I’m just following my own schedule.”

“I’m not late, I’m making an entrance.”

“I may have been late to my own graduation, but at least I didn’t sleep through it.”

“Late? Nah, I just wanted to make sure everyone was paying attention when I arrived.”

“I’ve always been fashionably late, even for my own graduation.”

“The show can’t start without the star, that’s why I’m fashionably late to graduation.”

“They say the best things come to those who wait, and today that means my graduation diploma.”