“Some people never stop complaining about their first world problems, even though there are actual problems in the world.”

“Entitlement is like bad breath, it’s annoying to everyone around you but you don’t even notice it.”

“There’s no entitlement like the entitlement of someone who thinks they’re entitled to everything.”

“The entitlement of some people is like a never-ending punchline, except it’s not funny.”

“Don’t confuse entitled with experienced, because sometimes the only experience someone has is being entitled.”

“Entitlement is just privilege in disguise.”

“The only thing worse than entitlement is entitlement with a smile.”

“Entitlement is the belief that everything should be handed to you on a silver platter, but life doesn’t work like that.”

“Entitlement is like a virus, it spreads and infects everything around it.” “Entitlement is the opposite of humility, and humility is what truly makes a person great.”

“Some people’s entitlement is so strong, it’s like they’re living in an alternate reality where they’re the center of the universe.”

“The entitlement of some people is like a spoiled child’s temper tantrum, except it’s not cute.”

“Entitlement is the result of thinking you’re better than everyone else, but in reality, it just makes you worse.” SHRADHANJALI QUOTES

“The only thing entitlement gets you is a sense of superiority and a lot of eye rolls from everyone around you.”

“Entitlement is the belief that the rules don’t apply to you, but they do.”

“Entitlement is just a fancy word for selfishness.”

“The entitlement of some people is so strong, it’s like they think they’re royalty in a democracy.”

“Entitlement is like a bad dream, it feels real until you wake up and realize it’s just a delusion.”

“Entitlement is the belief that you deserve the world, but the world doesn’t owe you anything.”

“The only thing you get from entitlement is disappointment, because life doesn’t always go your way.”

“Entitlement is like a disease, it infects your mind and distorts your reality.”

“The entitlement of some people is like a toxic cloud, it pollutes everything around it.”

“Entitlement is the belief that you’re above everyone else, but in reality, we’re all just human.”

“Entitlement is like a bad habit, it’s hard to break but it’s worth it in the end.”