“I never had a brother, but then I married your sister and got the next best thing – you!”

“When my sister married you, I thought things couldn’t get any worse. But then you turned out to be pretty cool.”

“Thanks for being the brother I never wanted.”

“I thought no one could compete with my sibling rivalry, until I met you. Thanks for always bringing your ‘A game.'”

“I didn’t choose the brother-in-law life, the brother-in-law life chose me.”

“I always wanted a brother who was taller, smarter, and better-looking than me. And then you came around, and I realized that one guy could have it all.”

“Sometimes I wish you were my brother so we could gang up on my sister together. But then I remember I have to deal with you twice as much.”

“Thanks for being the only one willing to take my sister off our hands.”

“I never knew chaos until you became a part of the family.”

“I’m not saying I’m the favorite sibling, but I’m definitely the favorite in-law.”

“I’m not saying you’re the reason my sister is crazy, but you’re not helping the situation.”

“I never knew it was possible to love and hate someone at the same time until I met you.”

“Thanks for always being the life of the party, even if it means embarrassing us all.” LONELY QUOTES IN MALAYALAM

“You may not be my brother, but I definitely consider you a part of the family that I don’t often talk about.”

“Thanks for always reminding me that there’s someone clumsier than me in the family.”

“Thanks for making family gatherings more tolerable, except for when you bring your terrible puns.”

“I’m convinced that you were born to make my life more interesting (and challenging).”

“I never thought I’d find a brother who was just as competitive and annoying as me. But then I met you.”

“Thanks for always making my sister laugh, even if it’s just to deflect from the awkwardness of seeing our exes at the same party.”

“You may not be related to me by blood, but you definitely share our mutual inability to share food.”

“Thanks for always reminding me that there’s someone dumber than me in the family.”

“Thanks for being the buffer between me and my sister during family disputes. You’re like the Switzerland of our family.”

“I always thought it was weird that my sister loved spending time with you. But then I realized that you’re basically her brother with different parents.”

“Thanks for being the perfect role model for my kids on what not to do.”