“I am so angry I could scream!”

“My blood is boiling with rage!”

“I am absolutely livid right now!”

“I’m so furious I can hardly see straight!”

“I am beyond angry. I am seething.”

“I’m so angry, I could punch a wall.”

“I am so mad that my fists are clenched.”

“I am burning with anger!”

“I am so frustrated, I could spit nails!”

“I am absolutely incensed by this!”

“I am fuming with anger!”

“I am so angry, tears are streaming down my face.”

“I’m so angry, I could scream at the top of my lungs!” TAYLOR SWIFT YEARBOOK QUOTES

“I am so infuriated, I can hardly speak.”

“I am so enraged, I can hardly think straight.”

“I am so mad, I could chew nails.”

“I am so incensed by this!”

“I’m so angry, I’m shaking with rage.”

“I am seething with anger right now!”

“I am absolutely fuming over this!”

“I am so angry, I could explode!”

“I am boiling with fury!”

“I am so mad, I could rip my hair out!”

“I am so frustrated, I could scream!”