“Just because everything is falling apart doesn’t mean you are.”

“Sometimes you have to let things fall apart to make room for something better.”

“Things fall apart so that better things can fall together.”

“The brightest stars shine after the darkest of falls.”

“When everything is falling apart, you might just be falling into place.”

“Life has a way of falling apart when we’re meant to find something better.”

“Falling apart is okay, as long as you’re picking up the pieces.”

“Sometimes things fall apart so that something better can come together.”

“When everything seems to be falling apart, remember that new beginnings often start with endings.”

“It’s okay to feel like you’re falling apart; you’re just shedding your old self to make room for the new.”

“A true test of strength is being able to hold it together when everything seems like it’s falling apart.”

“Sometimes the only way to put yourself back together is to fall apart completely.”

“Don’t worry about falling apart; sometimes it’s just how the light gets in.” DIABETES QUOTES FUNNY

“Even when everything is falling apart, there’s always something to hold onto.”

“Falling apart doesn’t mean you’re weak; it means you’ve been strong for too long.”

“When everything falls apart, you can always build something better in its place.”

“We can’t control when things fall apart, but we can control how we put them back together.”

“In the midst of falling apart, find the strength to hold on to hope.”

“Falling apart can be a beautiful thing if you embrace the journey.”

“Sometimes falling apart is the only way to find out what really matters.”

“It’s okay to feel lost when everything is falling apart; you might just be on the path to finding yourself.”

“Falling apart is tough, but it’s necessary for growth and change.”

“When everything is falling apart, remember to be kind to yourself.”

“Falling apart may hurt now, but it’s paving the way for a better tomorrow.”