“I never knew what it was like to be happy.”

“I had to fight for everything I had, but it was never enough.”

“I always dreamed of a better life, but I never thought I’d get there.”

“Sometimes, I felt like I was invisible.”

“I didn’t have anyone to turn to when things got tough.”

“It’s hard to find hope when life keeps knocking you down.”

“Every time I thought things were finally going to get better, I was wrong.”

“I never wanted to give up, but I didn’t know what else to do.”

“I just wanted someone to believe in me.”

“I was always the one who had to take care of everyone else.”

“I was never given the chance to be myself.”

“I didn’t want pity, I just wanted a fair shot.”

“I never thought I’d find love, but I did.” QUOTE ABOUT FOX

“I wanted to make a difference, but I didn’t know how.”

“Sometimes, I felt like I was the only one who cared.”

“I had to learn to stand up for myself, even when it was hard.”

“I didn’t want to be a victim, I wanted to be a survivor.”

“I never realized how much I mattered until it was too late.”

“The world can be a cruel place, but it can also be beautiful.”

“I always tried to look on the bright side, but sometimes it was just too hard.”

“I wanted to be remembered for something good.”

“The only thing I had left was my faith.”

“I didn’t want to be forgotten.”

“I didn’t want to be just another statistic.”