“The best ammunition against lies is the truth, and there is nothing more powerful than that.”

“In war, the human factor cannot be disregarded.”

“A commander must be a soldier first.”

“In battle, conditions change so rapidly that very few can keep up with them.”

“War makes extremely heavy demands on the soldier’s strength and nerves.”

“It is not the size of the army that wins battles, it is the will to fight.”

“Few people know how to take a walk. The qualifications are endurance, plain clothes, old shoes, an eye for nature, good humor, vast curiosity, good speech, good silence and nothing too much.”

“The soldier above all others prays for peace, for it is the soldier who must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war.”

“In the absence of orders, go find something and kill it.”

“The person who has nothing to do is the busiest without the doubt.”

“An army is a creature with a hundred heads and a thousand hands.”

“The courage of the soldier who specializes in mountain warfare is not only physical courage, but also moral courage.”

“One must not judge everyone in the world by his qualities as a soldier: otherwise we should have no civilization.” BELIEVE QUOTES IN TELUGU

“In war, unexpected things happen that are not found in drill manuals.”

“Rashness is not bravery.”

“A leader’s role is to raise people’s aspirations and to push them to achieve more than they ever thought possible.”

“The enemy is anybody who’s going to get you killed, no matter which side he’s on.”

“Certain death is so much better than uncertain life.”

“The leaders who work most effectively, it seems to me, never say ‘I.’ And that’s not because they have trained themselves not to say ‘I.’ They don’t think ‘I.’ They think ‘we’; they think ‘team.’ They understand their job is to make the team function. They accept responsibility and don’t sidestep it, but ‘we’ gets the credit. This is what creates trust, what enables you to get the task done.”

“My strength lies solely in my tenacity.”

“The best way to gain experience is to make mistakes.”

“The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.”

“One cannot permit unique opportunities to slip by for the sake of trifles.”

“In war, there is no substitute for victory.”