“Ecotourism is responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and involves interpretation and education.” – The International Ecotourism Society

“The future of eco-tourism lies in responsible and sustainable tourism practices that educate travelers about conservation, biodiversity, and local cultures.” – Dr. Adalberto Eberhard, Founder of the Brazilian Ecotourism Society

“Ecotourism can be seen as a way to connect the natural world with the social world and create a bridge between the two.” – Luisa Gouveia, Environmental Scientist

“Ecotourism is a way of seeing the world through the lens of “green” and sustainable tourism practices that empower communities and conserve biodiversity.” – Jonathan Tourtellot, National Geographic Fellow and founder of Geotourism

“Ecotourism is about experiencing nature in its most pristine form while also learning to appreciate the natural resources we have around us.” – Sustainable Travel International

“Ecotourism is all about creating a connection with the environment and the local communities so that they can work together to protect it.” – Karen Brosius, President and CEO of the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

“Ecotourism is about educating people through their experience of nature, helping them to appreciate the value and beauty of ecosystems and the importance of conservation.” – Dr. Martha Honey, Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Responsible Travel

“Ecotourism can be a catalyst for change, helping communities develop sustainable livelihoods while also protecting natural habitats and wildlife.” – TIES International Network for Sustainable Tourism

“Ecotourism is about creating opportunities for people to connect with nature in a meaningful way while also providing economic benefits to local communities.” – Dr. Kelly Bricker, Professor of Parks, Recreation and Tourism at the University of Utah

“Ecotourism is an essential tool for conservation efforts, allowing travelers to support sustainable practices and conservation organizations while fostering a greater appreciation for natural ecosystems.” – EcoAmerica

“Ecotourism is about creating a better world through responsible and sustainable travel practices that protect the environment, support local communities, and promote biodiversity.” – Sustainable Travel Alliance

“Ecotourism is a powerful tool for conservation, providing the necessary resources and exposure for communities and organizations to preserve natural ecosystems.” – The Rainforest Alliance

“Ecotourism offers a way for visitors to experience the world’s natural wonders while also supporting conservation organizations and sustainable livelihoods for local communities.” – The Nature Conservancy QUOTES ON KING

“Ecotourism is a way for people to experience nature in a way that fosters understanding and appreciation for its beauty and fragility, while also supporting conservation efforts and local communities.” – National Geographic Society

“Ecotourism provides an opportunity for travelers to engage in meaningful, transformative experiences that promote sustainability and conservation.” – The Adventure Travel Trade Association

“Ecotourism is about experiencing the world in a way that enriches our understanding of the natural world and supports sustainable practices and conservation efforts.” – Earthwatch Institute

“Ecotourism is a responsible way of experiencing nature that allows travelers to have fun while also supporting environment conservation and community development.” – The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

“Ecotourism is the future of travel, inspiring new generations to appreciate the beauty and wonders of nature while also supporting conservation efforts and community development.” – The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

“Ecotourism is not just a way of traveling, it’s a way of life that promotes sustainable practices, fosters conservation efforts, and supports local communities.” – The Global Sustainable Tourism Council

“Ecotourism encourages travelers to appreciate the natural wonders of the world while also supporting sustainable practices and conservation initiatives that ensure the preservation of biodiversity.” – The World Wildlife Fund

“Ecotourism is about empowering communities and conserving nature, while also providing a unique and rewarding travel experience for visitors.” – The Ecotourism Society of Kenya

“Ecotourism can be a powerful force for social and environmental change, promoting sustainable practices and empowering local communities to preserve their natural resources.” – The Ecotourism Association of Australia

“Ecotourism is an opportunity for travelers to experience the natural wonders of the world while also supporting a more sustainable and responsible way of traveling.” – The Global Ecotourism Network

“Ecotourism is an invitation to explore the world around us, to learn about and appreciate the natural wonders of the planet, and to support conservation efforts and sustainable practices.” – The World Tourism Organization (WTO)