“I love the taste of you in my mouth.”

“I could eat you out all day.”

“Your taste is addicting.”

“I want to savor every inch of you.”

“I could spend hours licking and tasting you.”

“You taste so sweet and delicious.”

“I want to make you come with my tongue.”

“Eating you out is my favorite thing to do.”

“Your pussy is heaven on earth.”

“I can’t get enough of your juices.”

“I crave the taste of you.”

“You taste like pure ecstasy.”

“You taste better than anything I’ve ever eaten.” TEASING QUOTES FOR HIM

“I want to make you come hard with my mouth.”

“Eating you out is pure pleasure for me.”

“I want to devour you like it’s the last meal on earth.”

“The taste of you is like a drug to me.”

“I can’t resist the urge to lick and suck you.”

“You taste like perfection.”

“I want to make you scream with pleasure.”

“I want to taste you on my lips all day.”

“Your taste is a delicacy I can never get enough of.”

“I want to make you come over and over again.”

“Eating you out is my ultimate pleasure.”