“I love dogs because they give me an excuse to be outside and avoid any social interaction.”

“I’m not just a dog walker, I’m a professional poop scooper.”

“The best walks are the ones where you’re constantly picking up poop.”

“Dogs are the only creatures on earth that love you more than they love themselves.”

“I never knew love until I became a dog walker.”

“I may have four legs, but I can still catch more balls than your average dog.”

“The best way to avoid a bad day is to spend it with a dog.”

“Dogs are always happy to see you, even if you just left for a minute to grab the mail.”

“A dog’s love is unconditional, unless you can’t throw the ball far enough.”

“I don’t always talk to dogs, but when I do, I always use baby talk.”

“Happiness is a cold nose on a warm day.”

“I believe every day is better with a dog by your side.”

“Dogs teach us to enjoy the simple things in life, like napping and chasing our tails.” FOREVER MINE QUOTES

“Dogs will never let you down, unless they see a squirrel.”

“Walking dogs is the best therapy – for them and for us.”

“The greatest thing about dogs is that they don’t care if you’re rich or poor, smart or dumb, fat or thin – they just love you.”

“I have a dog walking business, but really I’m just a professional dog snuggler.”

“If you want to know what true loyalty feels like, just try to walk away from a dog.”

“A dog’s love is like a boomerang – it always comes back.”

“The only thing better than one dog is…well, actually, there’s nothing better than one dog.”

“Dogs are like potato chips – you can’t have just one!”

“If you feel like nobody loves you, just remember that your dog thinks you’re the best thing since bacon.”

“I don’t always walk dogs, but when I do, I make sure to wear my stretchy pants.”

“A walk with a dog is the best way to spend your day – unless it’s raining, in which case, just stay inside and cuddle.”