“Denialism is a disease of the mind that infects those who are either too lazy or too fearful to face reality.” – Sam Harris

“Denialism is the height of intellectual cowardice.” – Neil deGrasse Tyson

“Denialism is not just wrong, it is dangerous.” – Bill Nye

“Denialism is the antithesis of progress.” – Steven Pinker

“Denialism is the refusal to accept reality, despite overwhelming evidence.” – Richard Dawkins

“Denialism is a war on truth.” – Brian Cox

“Denialism is the enemy of science.” – Lawrence Krauss

“Denialism is a rejection of evidence, reasoning, and critical thinking.” – Michael Shermer

“Denialism is a willful ignorance that puts us all in danger.” – Seth Shostak

“Denialism is a mindset that is impervious to facts.” – Samara L. Klar

“Denialism is the result of a fundamental distrust of experts and scientists.” – Naomi Oreskes

“Denialism is a deliberate attempt to sow doubt and confusion.” – Oren Cass

“Denialism is a pathology that threatens the health and well-being of society.” – David Ropeik 6 MONTH ANNIVERSARY QUOTES

“Denialism is a form of cognitive dissonance that allows people to hold onto their beliefs, regardless of the evidence.” – Michael Mann

“Denialism is a stubborn refusal to change one’s mind.” – John Oliver

“Denialism is a symptom of a larger problem – a lack of critical thinking skills.” – Tim Caulfield

“Denialism is a kind of intellectual poison that infects the minds of those who drink it.” – Kevin Drum

“Denialism is a rejection of reason, logic, and common sense.” – Philip Ball

“Denialism is a form of intellectual laziness – it is easier to dismiss the evidence than to engage with it.” – Chris Mooney

“Denialism is a dangerous game – it puts lives at risk.” – George Takei

“Denialism is a form of psychological self-defense – people are afraid to admit they were wrong.” – Robert Wright

“Denialism is an attempt to manipulate reality to fit our preconceived notions.” – Max Tegmark

“Denialism is a refusal to acknowledge the complexity of the world in which we live.” – Dan Gardner

“Denialism is the triumph of ideology over reality.” – Steven Novella