“O Allah, make this Jummah Mubarak for me and for all Muslims.”

“May this blessed Jummah bring us guidance, happiness, and peace.”

“Jummah is a day of mercy, forgiveness, and blessings. May we all benefit from it.”

“Allah is always there for us, let us seek His guidance and blessings on this holy Jummah day.”

“May Allah bless our lives, families, and communities with His infinite mercy and grace on this Jummah.”

“Let us take this Jummah as an opportunity to seek Allah’s forgiveness and to strive towards becoming better Muslims.”

“Jummah is a day of unity and love. Let us spread love and peace among all Muslim brothers and sisters.”

“May Allah fill our hearts with iman and our lives with blessings on this Jummah.”

“Jummah Mubarak to all. Let us make dua for ourselves and for our fellow Muslims around the world.”

“May the blessings of Allah be with us on this Jummah, and may we all be granted Jannah.”

“Jummah is a day to remember Allah and to seek His blessings. Let us strive towards this.”

“May Allah grant us peace, prosperity, and success on this Jummah and throughout our lives.”

“On this blessed Jummah, may Allah bless us with the strength to overcome all our trials and tribulations.” AANKH QUOTES IN HINDI AND ENGLISH

“May Allah accept our good deeds and forgive us for our sins on this Jummah and always.”

“Jummah is a day of hope and rejuvenation. Let us seek Allah’s guidance and blessings in our lives.”

“May the light of Allah’s blessings shine upon us all on this Jummah, and guide us towards the straight path.”

“Jummah is a day of joy and happiness. Let us spread this joy among all those around us.”

“May Allah bless us with the best of this world and the Hereafter on this Jummah.”

“Jummah is a precious gift from Allah. Let us cherish it and make the most of it.”

“May the blessings of Allah be upon us all on this Jummah and always.”

“Jummah is a day of reflection and contemplation. Let us use this day to improve ourselves and to seek Allah’s guidance.”

“May Allah shower His blessings upon us and grant us success on this Jummah and every day of our lives.”

“Jummah is a day to ask Allah for forgiveness and to repent for our sins. Let us use this opportunity to do so.”

“May Allah’s mercy and blessings be with us on this Jummah and always. Ameen.”