“December born, with a mind full of dreams and a heart full of magic.”

“December is not just a month, it’s a feeling.”

“December born, strong and resilient, like the winter solstice.”

“December is a time for warmth, love, and kindness.”

“Born in December, blessed with the spirit of the holiday season.”

“December born, a true gem shining bright like a diamond.”

“Born in the last month of the year, destined for greatness.”

“December born, filled with hope, joy, and a vision for a brighter tomorrow.”

“December born, a ray of sunshine in the midst of winter’s chill.”

“Born in December, gifted with the power of perseverance.”

“December born, a symbol of new beginnings and endless possibilities.”

“December is the month of wonder and miracles, just like those born in it.”

“December born, a reflection of the season’s magic and wonder.” SREE NARAYANA GURU QUOTES IN ENGLISH

“Born in December, destined to bring warmth and light into the world.”

“December born, a cool breeze on a sunny day, a warm hug on a cold night.”

“December is the month that brings joy to the world, just like those born in it.”

“December born, a reminder that beauty can be found even in the darkest of days.”

“Born in December, enriched with the wisdom of the past and the hope for the future.”

“December born, a celebration of life, love, and all things beautiful.”

“December is the month for giving, just like those born in it.”

“December born, a star shining bright in the winter sky.”

“Born in December, a gift to the world from the heavens above.”

“December is the month of love, and those born in it are blessed with a heart full of it.”

“December born, a reminder that even in the cold, there is warmth and beauty.”