“The darkness is where I find my beauty, where my soul sings its song.” – Unknown

“I’m attracted to the darkness of beauty, the shadows, the mystery.” – Anonymous

“Darkness and beauty are intertwined like the petals of a black rose.” – Rumi

“Beauty can be found even in the darkest of places if we have the eyes to see it.” – Unknown

“My darkness is my beauty, my pain is my strength.” – Edgar Allan Poe

“Beauty is not just light, it’s the balance between light and dark.” – Unknown

“In the darkness, I find my freedom to be myself, to express my true beauty.” – Unknown

“There’s something beautiful about the dark, it’s where we can be truly ourselves.” – Unknown

“To see the beauty of darkness, one has to walk through the shadow.” – Unknown “Darkness is the canvas on which beauty is painted.” – Unknown

“The beauty in darkness is that it’s not always what it seems.” – Anonymous

“In the darkness, we can see the beauty of the stars shining in the night sky.” – Unknown

“The beauty of darkness lies in its mystery and secrets.” – Unknown COFFEE QUOTES IN TAMIL

“Darkness has a beauty all its own, a wild, untamed force that we are drawn to.” – Unknown

“The beauty of darkness is that it allows us to see the light that much clearer.” – Unknown

“Darkness is not something to fear, but to embrace for its beautiful complexities.” – Unknown

“Beauty is not just skin deep, it goes all the way to the core of our darkness.” – Unknown

“There is something so beautiful in the depth of dark waters, the mystery of the unknown lurking beneath.” – Unknown

“The darkness doesn’t scare me, it’s where I find my beauty and my power.” – Unknown

“There’s beauty in the darkness of the human soul, in the complexities of our thoughts and feelings.” – Unknown

“In the darkness, we find our greatest beauty, our most profound truths.” – Unknown

“Beauty is not always pretty, it’s found in the deep, dark crevices of our souls.” – Unknown

“The beauty of darkness is that it forces us to confront our deepest fears and vulnerabilities.” – Unknown

“Beauty is not a light that shines on the surface, but a fire that glows in the darkness.” – Unknown