“Daisy, daisy, give me your answer do, I’m half crazy all for the love of you.” – Harry Dacre

“Innocent daisies, whose white never fades, even for death too good.” – Dante Alighieri

“Daisies are like sunshine to the ground.” – Drew Barrymore

“The smell of wet dirt and daisies. That’s the most powerful thing to me.” – Miranda Lambert

“The daisies that are growing wild and free, they’re playing wreaths for everyone to see.” – Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

“Daisies are simply sunshine wrapped in yellow petals.” – Unknown

“If you look at a field of daisies, each daisy is different. It’s the same with people. We may look alike on the outside, but inside we are all unique.” – Unknown

“Daisies symbolize innocence, purity, and new beginnings.” – Unknown

“Like a field of daisies, each of us has our own unique qualities that make us special and beautiful.” – Unknown

“When you make a wish on a field of daisies, anything is possible.” – Unknown

“Just like a daisy, each new day is a fresh start full of endless possibilities.” – Unknown

“Daisies are proof that the simplest things in life can bring the most joy.” – Unknown

“In a world full of roses, be a daisy.” – Unknown HEART TOUCHING I MISS YOU MOM QUOTES FROM DAUGHTER

“Daisies may be small and delicate, but they have the strength to break through the toughest of soils.” – Unknown

“We are all like daisies in a field, each one unique, with its own beauty and purpose.” – Unknown

“Daisies are the friendliest flowers.” – Katharine Hepburn

“Like daisies in a field, we are all connected by the sun and the ground beneath us.” – Unknown

“Daisies look up to the sky and give thanks for the sun and the rain that make them grow.” – Unknown

“Daisies are like a secret garden hidden in plain sight.” – Unknown

“A single daisy can brighten up even the dreariest of days.” – Unknown

“Daisies are a reminder to enjoy the simple things in life.” – Unknown

“Daisies bloom in the most unexpected places, reminding us that beauty can be found everywhere.” – Unknown

“Like a daisy, our true nature is to be bright, happy, and full of life.” – Unknown

“Daisies dance in the breeze, reminding us to let go and enjoy the moment.” – Unknown