“May your words always be twisted against you.”

“May your heart be heavy and your burden never light.”

“May you always be plagued by bad luck and misfortune.”

“May your soul be tormented and your mind haunted by your past deeds.”

“May your enemies be countless and your allies few.”

“May you never find peace in this life or the next.”

“May your dreams turn into nightmares and haunt you forever.”

“May your heart be filled with rage and your mind with bitterness.”

“May your life be filled with pain and suffering.” “May your love be unrequited and your heart broken.”

“May you always be held back by fear and doubt.”

“May your hopes and dreams never come true.”

“May your path be dark and your way unclear.” CONOR MCGREGOR DOUBLE CHAMP QUOTE

“May your life be cursed with endless misery and despair.”

“May your fate be sealed and your destiny cursed.”

“May your enemies devour you and your friends abandon you.”

“May your tears be your only solace.”

“May your heart be shattered and your soul damned.”

“May your name be forgotten and your legacy destroyed.”

“May you be forever cast out from the light.”

“May your life be filled with regret and sorrow.”

“May your soul be forever lost in the darkness.”

“May your pain be eternal and your suffering relentless.”

“May your curse befall you tenfold.”