“Darling, don’t be scared, it’s going to be positively frightful!”

“I live for furs, I worship furs.”

“I have no use for babies, unless they come in furs.”

“I’m not happy unless I have my furs on!”

“I’d sacrifice anything for my love of fur.”

“I have no need for love, only for the fur.”

“I’m not mean, I’m just practical.”

“I’m not interested in what people think about me, I’m only interested in their furs.”

“I’m an artist! A creator of beauty!” “I don’t need anyone, I have my furs.”

“I don’t care about people’s feelings, only my own desires.”

“I don’t need friends, I have my furs.”

“I don’t understand why people are so obsessed with dogs, they’re so unattractive.” UNIQUE FRIENDSHIP QUOTES CALLIGRAPHY

“Fur is back in fashion, my dear, and this time it’s bigger than ever!”

“I’m going to make fur the height of fashion again.”

“I’m a woman of my word, and my word is law.”

“Dalmatians, do you know what would make them even more beautiful? Coats!”

“For me, there is no difference between dogs and chicken. They’re both on my menu.”

“The only thing better than one fur coat is two fur coats!”

“I adore furs, I worship furs, and I love to be wrapped in them all year round.”

“I believe in the four Fs: fur, fashion, fame, and fortune!”

“I don’t like children, they’re just little animals that make noise.”

“I’m not interested in cheap imitations. Only the finest furs will do.”

“You can’t have too many coats, darling!”