“Crochet: because punching people is frowned upon.”

“Crochet is my superpower, what’s yours?”

“I didn’t choose the crocheting life, the crocheting life chose me.”

“Crochet – because sometimes yarn just isn’t enough.”

“If the apocalypse comes, I’ll be the one crocheting scarves for everyone.”

“Crochet is the art of turning cheap yarn into priceless treasures.”

“If I can’t take my crochet, I’m not going.”

“I don’t need therapy, I just need crochet time.”

“Life is too short to knit with cheap yarn.” “Crochet is not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle.”

“I always say a stitch in time saves wine.”

“Crocheting is cheaper than therapy and you get cute scarves.”

“Crochet: the original 3D printer.” BIBLIOPHILE QUOTES

“Crocheters do it with hooks.”

“I have a crochet addiction, and I’m not seeking help.”

“In a world full of chaos, crochet is my peace.”

“If you think crocheting is boring, you’re doing it wrong.”

“Crocheting: because it’s too early for wine.”

“I don’t always crochet, but when I do, I crochet like a boss.”

“Crocheting: the perfect excuse for a Netflix marathon.”

“Crochet is my therapy, my happy place, my escape from reality.”

“Crocheting: the art of making cute things out of yarn and patience.”

“Crochet is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.”

“Crochet is the ultimate stress-reliever – just keep calm and crochet on.”