“Friends who are crazy together, stay together.”

“I don’t need therapy, I have my crazy friends.”

“My friends are the craziest, most ridiculous people I know and I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

“My friends and I are like a tornado, we might be a little crazy but we always leave a trail of fun behind us.”

“A true friend is someone who will join in on your craziness and make it ten times crazier.”

“I don’t want normal friends, I want crazy friends who make me laugh until I cry.”

“When you have crazy friends, every day is an adventure.”

“Friends who drink together, stay crazy together.”

“My friends and I are like a rollercoaster, a little crazy but always fun.” “Crazy friends make the best memories.”

“Life is too short to have boring friends, I only surround myself with the craziest.”

“My friends are like my family, crazy and dysfunctional but I love them anyways.”

“The best therapy is laughing with your crazy friends.” NO MAN IS PERFECT QUOTES

“I can always count on my crazy friends to make me smile.”

“My friends may be crazy, but they’re the only ones who understand me.”

“Friends who embrace your crazy are the ones who will stick around for life.”

“Crazy friends make for the best support system.”

“My friends are the perfect mix of crazy and loving.”

“Life is too short to not have a circle of crazy friends.”

“I wouldn’t trade my crazy friends for anything in the world.”

“My crazy friends definitely keep life interesting.”

“My friends and I may be crazy, but we always have each other’s backs.”

“Nothing beats a night out with your crazy friends.”

“If you don’t have any crazy friends, then you’re probably the crazy friend.”