“I don’t need a knight in shining armor, I’ve got my boots and my horse.”

“Why walk when you can ride?”

“Cowgirls don’t cry, we saddle up and ride.”

“A cowgirl is a women with guts and a horse.”

“Always saddle your own horse, and know what you’re getting into.”

“I may not have been born in the saddle, but I got there as soon as I could.”

“Life is short, but a good ride lasts forever.”

“To be a cowgirl is to be a part of a history, a legacy, and a lifestyle.”

“A cowgirl’s soul is fueled by coffee, horses, and unconditional love.”

“I’m a cowgirl, and I’m proud to say it. It takes a special kind of woman to ride horses and chase dreams.”

“I ride, I rope, I wrangle, I work. I am a cowgirl.”

“A cowgirl is someone who knows the difference between possessive and protective.”

“A cowgirl is a warrior in a skirt and boots.” NOHO HANK QUOTES

“Cowgirls don’t wait for their prince charming, we ride out and find him ourselves.”

“I’m not afraid of a little dirt or hard work, I’m a cowgirl.”

“A cowgirl’s hat is her crown, her horse is her throne.”

“I am a cowgirl. I have a passion for horses, a spirit for adventure, and a heart for the wild west.”

“A cowgirl’s strength is found in her passion, her courage, and her determination.”

“Life’s too short to ride a slow horse. Saddle up and ride the wind like a cowgirl.”

“A cowgirl’s heart beats to the rhythm of the hoof beats.”

“I don’t take orders, I give them. I’m a cowgirl.”

“A cowgirl is never afraid to get back in the saddle, no matter how many times she’s been tossed.”

“Behind every successful cowgirl is a trail of challenges she’s overcome.”

“I am a cowgirl. I embrace my femininity and my toughness. I ride horses and kick ass. That’s just who I am.”