“Codependency is when you’re more concerned with others’ needs and feelings than your own.” – Melody Beattie

“When we overly focus on pleasing others, we lose our sense of self and become codependent.” – Sharon Wegscheider

“Codependency is a learned behavior that can be unlearned with practice.” – Pia Mellody

“The need for approval from others is a hallmark trait of codependency.” – Darlene Lancer

“Codependents often attract narcissists because they are willing to put up with their behavior.” – Terri Cole

“Codependency is a pattern of behavior that perpetuates dysfunctional relationships.” – Robert Subby

“Codependency is like a dance where one person takes lead in giving and the other takes lead in taking.” – Sharon Martin

“Codependents tend to prioritize others’ needs and ignore their own, leading to resentment and burnout.” – Nancy L. Johnston

“Codependency is a form of addiction to helping others.” – Timmen Cermak “Codependents often struggle with boundaries and saying no because they fear rejection and abandonment.” – Margalis Fjelstad

“The codependent’s lack of self-care and self-love prevents them from having healthy relationships.” – Beverly Engel

“Codependency is an attempt to control external circumstances in order to avoid pain.” – Jodi Aman

“Codependent behavior is a result of childhood experiences of neglect, abuse or abandonment.” – Susan Anderson TWIN TOWN QUOTES

“Codependency is a way of trying to fix others because we don’t want to deal with our own issues.” – Saundra L. Brown

“Codependents feel responsible for others’ emotions and happiness and often neglect their own.” – Mellody Hobson

“Codependency is a way of avoiding our own problems by focusing on someone else’s.” – Terri Cole

“Codependents are often attracted to people with addictions or mental health problems because they feel needed.” – Charles L. Whitfield

“Codependency is a lack of self-awareness and self-esteem that leads to unhealthy relationships.” – Lisa A. Romano

“Codependents often feel guilty when they prioritize their own needs over others’.” – Darlene Lancer

“Codependency is a form of enmeshment where boundaries between people are blurred.” – Stefanie Stahl

“Codependents often feel anxious and insecure when they are not able to ‘fix’ others.” – Melody Beattie

“Codependency is a cycle of focusing on others, neglecting ourselves, and then feeling resentful.” – Robert Burney

“Codependent relationships are like two people drowning and pulling each other under.” – Sharon Martin

“Codependents often struggle with letting go of toxic relationships because they feel responsible for the other person’s well-being.” – Darlene Lancer