“Cash is king, but credit rules.” -Unknown

“The main rule in business is to keep your cash flow strong. Cash is king.” -Carlos Slim

“In uncertain times, cash is king“ -J.C. Penney

“Cash is king in moments of uncertainty.” -Brendan Daly

“In business, cash is king. In life, love is king.” -Unknown

“Cash is the king source of value in a company.” – Warren Buffet

“It’s a very dangerous thing to rely on credit when cash is king.” -Rick Harrison

“When it comes to business, remember that cash is king.” -Unknown

“Cash is king, and always will be” – Dylan Ratigan “The single most important metric in any business is cash flow. Cash is king.” -Anonymous

“In times of uncertainty, cash is king.” – Unknown

“Cash flow is king over profit.” -Unknown

“In times of trouble or rapid change, it is essential that cash is king, not profit.” – Jonathan Davis 1ST OCTOBER QUOTES

“Holding onto cash is important, because in difficult times cash is king.” -Rob Bernshteyn

“Attracting and retaining customers, innovation, and operational excellence are critical, but cash is king.” -Kumar Mangalam Birla

“We should never forget the importance of cash. Cash is king.” -Anonymous

“The most important thing for a business is cash flow. If cash isn’t flowing, then it’s not a business.” – Kevin O’Leary

“In business, cash is king, but in life, it’s giving.” -Nelson Mandela

“In entrepreneurship, cash is king, but innovation is queen.” -Marc Andreessen

“Never forget the power of cash, because in times of crisis, cash is king.” – Ron Kaufman

“It’s incredibly important to have cash. In times of crisis, cash is king.” – Michael O’Leary

“When the going gets tough, remember that cash is king.” -Unknown

“Never underestimate the power of cash. In the world of business, cash is king.” – Suzy Kassem

“Cash may not always be king, but it certainly has his attention.” -Unknown