“We’re all stuck on this spinning globe and we’ve got to make the best of what we have here.” – Oli Sykes

“I’m not afraid to be myself, and I’m not afraid to express my emotions.” – Oli Sykes

“Music is the universal language that can bring people together.” – Matt Kean

“I’m not interested in making music that’s just empty messages.” – Oli Sykes

“I think music should be the escape from everything else.” – Matt Nicholls

“Sometimes our dreams have to be adjusted, but that’s just life.” – Lee Malia

“We aren’t afraid to try new things and experiment with our sound.” – Jordan Fish

“Music has the power to heal and inspire people.” – Oli Sykes

“We want our music to be a statement and make people think.” – Matt Kean

“Music is something that I always turn to in difficult times.” – Lee Malia

“We write our music for ourselves first and foremost, but we also want to connect with our fans.” – Matt Nicholls

“I’m not a fan of fitting in or conforming to societal norms.” – Oli Sykes

“We’ve always been a band that’s about breaking down barriers.” – Jordan Fish COLONEL FLAGG QUOTES

“We’ve been told that we’re not radio-friendly, but that’s not what we’re about.” – Matt Kean

“We want our music to have a positive impact on people.” – Matt Nicholls

“Sometimes you have to go through the darkness to find the light.” – Lee Malia

“We’re a band that’s constantly evolving and pushing ourselves creatively.” – Jordan Fish

“I think it’s important to speak up about things that matter to you.” – Oli Sykes

“We never want to be stagnant or complacent in our music.” – Matt Kean

“The best feeling is connecting with fans and knowing our music has touched their lives.” – Matt Nicholls

“Music is my therapy and my escape.” – Lee Malia

“We want to create music that’s meaningful and has a lasting impact.” – Jordan Fish

“I’ve always been drawn to music that’s a little bit different or more challenging.” – Oli Sykes

“We want to make music that’s honest and true to who we are as individuals.” – Matt Kean