“I am a Black Canadian, and I am proud of my heritage.” – Donovan Bailey

“Our strength as a people comes from our diversity.” – Lincoln Alexander

“We need to celebrate Black history every month of the year, not just in February.” – Charmaine Nelson

“My Blackness is not a curse, but a gift.” – Esi Edugyan

“We cannot change our past, but we can change our future.” – Rosemary Brown

“Our struggle for equality never ends, but we must continue to fight.” – Viola Desmond

“We have to create our own opportunities, and that is what Black excellence is all about.” – Devon Franklin

“Being Black in Canada means being resilient, strong, and persistent.” – Rinaldo Walcott

“Black Canadians have contributed so much to this country, yet we still have so far to go.” – Marci Ien “We will not be silenced or erased. Our voices will be heard.” – Desmond Cole

“Blackness is not a monolith. We are diverse in our experiences, thoughts, and perspectives.” – Andrea Davis

“Our history is not just a footnote, it is a crucial part of Canada’s story.” – Jean Augustine

“We must support and uplift each other in our quest for equality.” – Kia Nurse QUOTES BY CHRISTIAN DIOR

“We have fought for our rights, and we will continue to do so until we are all truly free.” – David Suzuki

“Black Canadians belong here, and we will not be pushed out or marginalized.” – Tanya Tagaq

“Our Blackness is not a burden, it is a source of strength and power.” – Maxine Bailey

“We must change the narrative of Black people as victims, and instead see ourselves as survivors and thrivers.” – Nadine Burke Harris

“We have to educate ourselves and our communities, and that is how we will create change.” – Janaya Khan

“Black excellence is not just about success, it is about creating a legacy that inspires others.” – Cassandra Kobza

“Our ancestors fought for our liberation, and we will honor their sacrifice by continuing the fight.” – Owen ‘Blakka’ Ellis

“We must own our stories and histories, and tell them in our own voices.” – Lawrence Hill

“Black Canadians have always been here, and we will continue to contribute to the growth and success of this country.” – Debbie Douglas

“We are not just Black Canadians, we are Canadians who happen to be Black.” – Silken Laumann

“Our diversity is our strength, and we will use it to create a brighter future for all.” – Akwasi Owusu-Bempah