“Good friends, good wine, good times.”

“Wine is better with friends.”

“Friends are like wine, they only get better with time.”

“A true friend is like a fine wine, they get better with age.”

“Wine a little, laugh a lot with your best friend.”

“Wine and friends are the perfect blend.”

“Wine gets better when shared with friends.”

“There’s nothing better than a night with your best friend and a bottle of wine.”

“Wine and friends are the two best things in life.” “Wine, cheese, and a good friend put you in the perfect mood.”

“Friends, wine, and endless laughter.”

“Wine and laughter are the perfect combination.”

“A day spent with a friend and a bottle of wine is never wasted.” I WANT TO SLEEP WITH YOU QUOTES

“Wine brings friends closer.”

“The only thing better than a glass of wine is sharing it with your best friend.”

“A good friend is like a good bottle of wine, they both make life better.”

“Wine is great, but it’s even better with your best friend.”

“Friends and wine make every day worth celebrating.”

“The best things in life are best enjoyed with friends and a glass of wine.”

“Wine and friends, the perfect pairing.”

“A glass of wine and a best friend can make any day better.”

“Wine is the fuel for friendship.”

“A good friend and a great bottle of wine, what else do you need?”

“Wine and friendship make life sweeter.”