“If at first you don’t succeed, give up.”

“Some people are meant to fail, embrace your destiny.”

“Hope is for the weak, despair is for the truly wise.”

“Dreams are just illusions, wake up and face reality.”

“Failure is not just an option, it’s inevitable.”

“Success is overrated, settle for mediocrity.”

“Don’t even bother trying, you’re bound to disappoint yourself.”

“Why aim high when you can aim for the bare minimum?”

“Motivation is a myth, laziness is your true nature.” “There’s no point in having goals, life is just a meaningless journey.”

“Ambition is a curse, contentment is a blessing.”

“Trying hard is for losers, letting fate do its thing is the way to go.”

“Expectations only lead to disappointment, avoid them at all costs.” ALAN WATTS DREAM QUOTE

“Perseverance brings nothing but exhaustion, give up before you’re too tired.”

“Success is for the lucky, don’t fool yourself into thinking you have a chance.”

“Life is a cruel joke, laugh at your own misery.”

“Optimism is foolish, pessimism is wise.”

“Waiting for things to happen is the only way to avoid disappointment.”

“Give up before you even start, it saves time and effort.”

“Success is just a mirage, don’t waste your energy chasing it.”

“There’s no such thing as progress, life is just a cycle of misery.”

“The only thing that really matters is giving up.”

“Life is a pointless struggle, why bother trying at all?”

“Success is for the elite, accept your fate as a failure.”