“There’s no such thing as a perfect father, but a bad one is better than none at all.”

“A father’s presence does not guarantee a child’s happiness; his absence can ensure their misery.”

“A bad dad teaches his children how not to be a parent.”

“A father who abandons his children is like a ship that abandons its crew in the middle of the ocean.”

“Never underestimate the damage a bad father can do to a child’s self-esteem.”

“A bad father is a poor role model for his children and an embarrassment to his family.”

“A bad dad may provide a roof over his family’s head, but he can never give them a home.”

“A father who is absent in his child’s life has no right to call himself a father.”

“A bad dad can shatter a child’s trust in relationships and leave them with emotional scars for life.” “A father who is not there for his children may be physically present, but he is emotionally and mentally absent.”

“A bad dad may not realize the harm he is doing to his children until it’s too late.”

“A father’s love is supposed to be unconditional; a bad dad’s love is conditional upon his child’s behavior.”

“A bad dad may be a good provider, but he’s a terrible parent.” ISLAMIC BLESSING QUOTES

“A father who is abusive or neglectful destroys his child’s sense of security and stability.”

“A bad dad may have all the material possessions the world has to offer, but he can never buy his children’s love and respect.”

“A father who abandons his family is like a coward who abandons his post in battle.”

“A bad dad may try to justify his actions, but there’s no excuse for not being there for your children.”

“A father who belittles or criticizes his children is not worthy of the title ‘dad.'”

“A bad dad may spoil his children with gifts, but he can never give them the one thing they really need – his time and attention.”

“A father who neglects his responsibilities as a parent will reap what he sows in the form of a broken relationship with his children.”

“A bad dad can never be a true leader, mentor or guide to his children.”

“A father who is not there to protect his children from harm is no father at all.”

“A bad dad may think he’s doing his children a favor by giving them everything they ask for, but he’s really doing them a disservice by failing to teach them the value of hard work and discipline.”

“A father who is absent in his child’s life misses out on the most rewarding and fulfilling experience a parent can have – watching their child grow and thrive.”