“Don’t underestimate me…I’ll be the one standing in the end.”

“I’m not a doll, Mommy. I’m a pilot.”

“I’m not afraid to die…I’m afraid to live without a purpose.”

“If I die, I’ll make sure to take everyone down with me.”

“I don’t need anyone’s help. I’ll do it all myself.”

“You’re all idiots. I’m the only one who knows what’s going on.”

“I don’t care about anyone’s feelings. They’re all a hindrance to me.”

“I won’t lose to anyone. I’ll be the best pilot there is.”

“I’ll do whatever it takes to win. Even if it means sacrificing myself.”

“I’m not interested in making friends. They’ll only hold me back.”

“Weakness is a disease. I’ll never let it infect me.”

“I’m not a child anymore. I’ll make my own decisions.”

“No one understands me. That’s why I’m alone.” KHWAB QUOTES

“I hate everyone. But I hate myself the most.”

“I’ll never forgive anyone who hurts me. Never.”

“I’ll show you my strength. And then you’ll all respect me.”

“My pain is my own. Don’t even try to understand it.”

“I’m not just a pilot. I’m a weapon.”

“I don’t care about the consequences. I’ll do what I want.”

“I’ll never trust anyone again. Not after what happened.”

“I won’t let anyone control me. I’m in charge of my own life.”

“I’m not afraid of anything. Except failure.”

“I don’t need anyone to save me. I’ll save myself.”

“I’ll never give up, no matter what. That’s what it means to be a pilot.”