1) “Aptitude is the foundation of success.” – Unknown

2) “Skill is a product of practice, but aptitude is a gift of nature.” – Anonymous

3) “Aptitude without ambition is like a car without fuel.” -Unknown

4) “Aptitude is what makes you indispensable to others.” – Brian Tracy

5) “Aptitude is the ability to learn quickly and efficiently.” – Unknown

6) “Aptitude is a talent that must be cultivated and nurtured.” -Anonymous

7) “Aptitude is the measure of intelligence, not just the ability to memorize.” – Unknown

8) “Aptitude is the natural ability to do something, while attitude is the determination to do it well.” -Unknown

9) “Aptitude is the characteristic that sets high achievers apart from the rest.” -Unknown

10) “Aptitude is the potential for excellence that resides within all of us.” -Unknown

11) “Aptitude is a gift that needs to be honed and perfected.” -Unknown

12) “Aptitude is only the beginning, attitude is what separates the winners from the losers.” -Unknown

13) “Aptitude is what gets you in the door, attitude is what keeps you there.” -Unknown LOST MY MIND QUOTES

14) “Aptitude is the key to success, but attitude opens the door.” -Unknown

15) “Aptitude may get you an interview, but attitude gets you hired.” -Unknown

16) “Aptitude is a trait that cannot be taught, only developed.” -Unknown

17) “Aptitude is the fuel that drives success.” -Unknown

18) “Aptitude is intelligence in action.” -Unknown

19) “Aptitude is not just about what you know, but how you apply what you know.” -Unknown

20) “Aptitude is the hallmark of a true professional.” -Unknown

21) “Aptitude is the foundation of excellence, while excellence is the foundation of success.” -Unknown

22) “Aptitude is the currency of progress.” -Unknown

23) “Aptitude is the raw material of success, and attitude is the finished product.” -Unknown

24) “Aptitude is the fuel that ignites the fire of achievement.” -Unknown