“O Amba, you are the embodiment of strength and courage.”

“Bless us with prosperity and abundance, O Mother.”

“Your grace and blessings are a source of strength and hope for us.”

“With your guidance and love, we can overcome any obstacle in life.”

“You are the divine mother who nurtures and protects us.”

“We bow down to you, O Amba, in reverence and devotion.”

“Your divine presence fills our hearts with joy and peace.”

“O Mother, you are the source of all creation and existence.”

“We seek refuge in your loving embrace, O Amba.” “You are the embodiment of wisdom and knowledge, O Mata.”

“Your love and compassion are boundless, O Mother.”

“You are the shining light that guides us through darkness.”

“You are the ultimate symbol of femininity and strength.” HATE MY FAMILY QUOTES

“With your blessings, we can achieve all our dreams and aspirations.”

“We are forever grateful for your presence in our lives.”

“Your divine energy empowers us to face all challenges with courage.”

“O Amba, you are the protector of all living beings.”

“Your grace is a blessing that we cherish every day.”

“You are the embodiment of unconditional love and compassion.”

“Your divine blessings give us the strength to overcome all adversity.”

“Your eternal presence fills us with a sense of peace and harmony.”

“You are the divine mother who showers us with blessings and grace.”

“We surrender ourselves to your divine will, O Amba.”

“With your blessings, we can lead a life filled with love, joy, and peace.”