“We are soldiers, and we have to do our duty. But we are also human beings. And sometimes, the pain of what we see and do is too much to bear.”

“Here we are, young men with refined education, eyes and heart open, transformed into beasts by circumstances.”

“The war is no longer an adventure. It is a global catastrophe that has consumed everything.”

“We have lost all sense of other values except the one thing that is most important: our own survival.”

“The front-line is a fiery furnace. The young men are melted down and reshaped into docile, apathetic corpses.”

“We are dying like flies. It’s as if we’re nothing more than a mass of indistinguishable corpses.”

“The war has made us cruel and heartless. It has coldly severed the bonds of friendship, family and love.”

“We are not warriors, but we have become monsters. The war has reduced us to a state of savagery.”

“We have grown old and wise on the battlefront, but at the same time, we have learned nothing.”

“The war has stripped us of everything. We have nothing left but our shattered hopes and dreams.”

“The war has shown us the fragility of life. We live only in the moment, for there is no tomorrow.”

“The war has made us prisoners. We are trapped within a circle of fire, unable to escape.”

“We are no longer individuals, but a mass of pale, frightened creatures, moving in unison towards an uncertain future.” QUOTES BY DOLORES HUERTA

“The war’s cruelty is constant and unending. We have become numb to the endless slaughter.”

“The war is a battle for survival. It is not a contest of courage or bravery.”

“We are not men, but shadows. The war has stolen our identity and turned us into empty shells.”

“The war has brutalized us. We have lost our humanity and become mere animals in the face of constant death.”

“The war has done more than just kill our bodies. It has killed our souls as well.”

“The war has driven a wedge between us and the rest of humanity. We are now strangers in our own land.”

“We are like leaves on a branch, trembling in the wind of fate.”

“The war is an abyss. We have fallen into it, and there is no way out.”

“We have lost faith in everything except our own determination to survive.”

“The war has ended, but it will never leave us. Its scars will be with us always.”

“We are no longer young men. We are old souls trapped in shattered bodies.”