“Your feeble attempts cannot compare to the power of the virus.”

“Umbrella will rise from the ashes.”

“My dear, there are certain things you cannot change.”

“You can’t kill me! I’m already dead!”

“There are simply too many variables in life to be controlled.”

“You can’t handle the truth, Claire.”

“That was a most unfortunate turn of events.”

“I hope you enjoy your stay in Hell.”

“Only the strongest are worthy of survival.”

“Trust is a luxury, and one I cannot afford.”

“The world of survival horror awaits.”

“I am the future of humanity.”

“Everyone has a destiny, and this is mine.” HEART MELTING LOVE QUOTES IN TAMIL

“Albert Wesker, at your service.”

“I will take my rightful place in the world.”

“The only way to truly control something is to destroy it.”

“I have no need for sympathy, only power.”

“The world is mine to conquer.”

“You can’t stop progress, Jill.”

“I am the ultimate life form.”

“Some things are worth sacrificing for the greater good.”

“Foolishness, Chris. Foolishness.”

“Don’t waste my time, Barry.”

“The hunter becomes the hunted.”